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Fixing the Wrong Problem

4 Real Reasons You Aren't Selling More
Free Webinar - Monday, Feb 22nd at 12pm Eastern

Now that 2015 in the books, I hope you are spending a lot of time assessing how to make 2016 a better year. In reviewing our client successes and failures, one thing is clear: the single biggest obstacle to improving sales is accurately assessing what is wrong.

Fixing the Wrong Problem
Why You're Not Selling More

Monday, Feb 22nd at 12pm Eastern

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Sounds simple right? But far too often, we confuse symptoms for causes and try to fix the wrong problem - and sales flounder despite your best efforts.

That's why I am so excited to be spending this hour helping you identify the real pinch points holding back your performance using my failure analysis approach.

And to make sure you are armed with not just the problem but the solution, we'll review the top four challenges that firms face today and how top sales leaders have fixed them, including:

  • Painting an an accurate portrait of your most lucrative target.
  • Reversing gravity – how to bring buyers to you.
  • Looking for sales in all the wrong places?  How to arrive where your buyers are before they get there.
  • Being judgmental to accelerate success.

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