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Read how Dr. José Cross made the transition to Executive-level sales and achieving chart-breaking success, thanks to one-on-one coaching from Colleen Francis.

As the adage goes, it's lonely at the top. Sales and business leaders face the challenge of managing their business and delivering results. And often there is no opportunity to step back, get perspective and explore new strategies to improving results. And without feedback, reinforcement and accountability, even the things you may want to do, don't get done.

That's why Colleen created the Sales Leader Coaching Program. For sales and business leaders today (or those that want to be one in the future), Colleen provides stategic and tactical feedback on how to address your greatest business challenges and dramatically improve your results along the way.

And most importantly, Colleen not only can provide detailed feedback that can be immediately implemented, she provides accountability for you to get it done. This way, step by step, you can make the changes to take your business to the next level.

Using Colleen's Sales Radar™ delivered on one-on-one calls, Colleen will guide you through challenges such as:

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A business transformed through sales coaching, training and persistent accountability.

  • Developing a sales strategy to tackle new markets
  • Using new prospecting methods to build your pipeline
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Counter competitive pressures without surrendering price
  • Creating a community of interest to stay top of mind with prospects and clients
  • Managing team key performance indicators
  • Negotiating based on value to increase deal sizes
  • And much more …

Sales Radar™ provides a complete system for managing client engagement, broadening your focus from closing to actively nurturing through the four critical stages of client engagement:

  • Attraction: Fill the funnel with lucrative prospects;
  • Participation: Turn them into customers faster;
  • Growth: Invest in valued clients; and
  • Leverage: Turn customers into referral generators.

And along the way, you can get a sounding board for day-to-day issues to help you make right decisions, faster.

The Sales Leader Coaching Program was designed exclusively for those individuals who are looking to realize their full potential, and who are ready to take their sales and business careers to the highest possible level. Offering unprecedented access to Colleen Francis, this program will give you the tools you need to succeed both strategically (how to structure a sales team, which markets or products to focus on, how to hire and pay sales reps, how to position your products, etc.) and tactically (what to say at that important meeting tomorrow, how to critique proposals, script writing for cold calls, overcoming objections, and more).

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